Afternoon Questions

Andrea Fella
By: Andrea Fella

Questions for this session: (1) I have been noticing and practicing the difference between “being with” and “looking at” experience. However, I was wondering what does it mean, and how do we practice “meeting experience” in the context of this practice. (2) You often speak of being curious about an object or feeling. This implies investigation. Please give an example of how you would go about this, it seems like too much thinking to investigate. (3) You spoke about turning away from things that are difficult and beyond our capacity to deal with. Could you elaborate, i.e. how to turn away, when to come back, etc. (4) How do you follow sleepiness without falling asleep 3 or 4 times in a row? After you fall asleep (nod off) once or twice is there a momentum there that can’t be broken? (5) Are all defenses delusional? (6) Sometimes I am able to detect a thought before it is fully formed, and I don’t know the content yet. When practicing open awareness, what do we do in such an instance? (7) Could you please speak a bit more about 13 billion mind moments/second, and the ramifications to our practice, and how it was determined?

Recorded: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at Insight Retreat Center
Duration: 59:48

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