Afternoon Questions

Andrea Fella
By: Andrea Fella

(1) When the guiding questions arise – am I aware? Of what? What is obvious? They are usually met with words, answers in the mind. Feels like lots of words. Can the awareness practice be wordless? Just an awareness of experience without labels and responses? (2) Would you elaborate on your instruction to notice how awareness is operating/aware. Do yo mean for example, awareness feels focused or broad, or low level or sharp? Or am I confusing citta with awareness? Awareness feels like such a part of the way anything is known that it almost seems like “is-ness” or “being-ness”. (3) This style of practice, in particular, and mindfulness in general, requires a lot of trust. For one thing, it requires that we trust that our mind and body is constantly looking for and interested in our own well-being. Could you elaborate on this? It seems to me so important and key aspect of the practice that I have been practicing in this way: Relax, Receive, Allow, Trust, and Learn. But I would like to hear more about the role of trust in our practice.

Recorded: Thursday, July 21, 2016 at Insight Retreat Center
Duration: 46:25

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