Retreat Talks at Insight Retreat Center

Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro  
Insight Retreat Center
October 15, 2014 to October 17, 2014
Oct 15-17: Ajahn Amaro

Collaborating with the Mind Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-15 1:37:52
Afternoon talk: The Second Arrow Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-16 53:18
Morning Guided Meditation: Aware of Body and Breath Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-16 64:21
Q and A: Is there a soul? Who is the knower? Can I open my eyes? Do I have to focus on the breath? Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-16 29:16
Closing talk: We leave, but the practice remains Ajahn Amaro 2014-10-17 44:25

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