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Retreat Opening: Refuges and Precepts; Mindfulness of Mind Andrea Fella 2015-07-0555:12
Morning Instructions: Initial Instructions Andrea Fella 2015-07-0660:35
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2015-07-0620:30
Afternoon Dhamma Offering: Practice Notes and Q&A
Andrea Fella 2015-07-0649:26
Evening Reflections: Allowing and Love Andrea Fella 2015-07-067:37
Morning Instructions: Sleepiness, Restlessness and Thinking Andrea Fella 2015-07-0735:23
Morning Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-0719:06
Practical Right View Andrea Fella 2015-07-0759:52
Evening Reflections: Trust Andrea Fella 2015-07-0712:47
Morning Instructions: Supports for Continuity Andrea Fella 2015-07-0818:18
Morning Instructions: Further Reflections on Continuity Andrea Fella 2015-07-0817:37
Afternoon Questions
Andrea Fella 2015-07-0853:45
Evening Reflections: Appreciating the Wholesome Andrea Fella 2015-07-089:13
Morning Instructions: Body and Mind Andrea Fella 2015-07-0927:14
Morning Instructions: Self Directed Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-0916:14
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-0952:43
Evening Reflection: Knowing Beautiful Qualities Andrea Fella 2015-07-0913:51
Morning Instructions: Awareness of Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-07-1014:57
Further Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2015-07-1016:53
Unmasking Delusion Andrea Fella 2015-07-1064:45
Evening Reflection:Accepting What is Offered Andrea Fella 2015-07-109:44
Morning Instructions: Recognizing Wisdom Andrea Fella 2015-07-1122:15
Further Reflections on Wisdom Andrea Fella 2015-07-118:28
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1158:49
Evening Reflections: Nothing To Do or Undo Andrea Fella 2015-07-1110:04
Morning Instructions: Rhythms of Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-1222:26
Further Reflections: Evolving Trust In Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-1210:44
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1250:34
Evening Reflection: Deep Rest and Being Aware Andrea Fella 2015-07-128:16
Morning Instructions: What is the Nature of...? Andrea Fella 2015-07-1315:35
Morning Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1314:40
Processes of Body and Mind
Andrea Fella 2015-07-1360:51
Evening Reflection: No Part Left Out Andrea Fella 2015-07-1312:31
Morning Instructions: Intention and Motivation Andrea Fella 2015-07-1419:00
Morning Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1413:26
Studying the Self Andrea Fella 2015-07-1451:32
Morning Instructions: Observing Change Andrea Fella 2015-07-1516:15
Further Reflections: Noticing When Change Stops Andrea Fella 2015-07-152:05
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1551:53
Evening Reflections: Noticing What is Extra Andrea Fella 2015-07-1517:48
Morning Instructions: Awareness Has No Location Andrea Fella 2015-07-1615:38
Instructions for Talking Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-1625:44
Trust Evolves in Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-1645:13
Evening Reflections: Simply Continue Practicing Andrea Fella 2015-07-168:42
Morning Instructions: Steady Awareness is Samadhi Andrea Fella 2015-07-1711:36
Further Reflections on Talking Practice Andrea Fella 2015-07-1710:10
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-1757:07
Evening Reflections: When we stop resisting the truth, the mind can relax Andrea Fella 2015-07-1712:37
Morning Instructions: What kind of effort is helpful? Andrea Fella 2015-07-1818:51
Different Kinds of Effort Andrea Fella 2015-07-1810:24
Integrating with other practices/Taking the practice home Andrea Fella 2015-07-1862:16
Evening Reflections: Remember The Simplicity Andrea Fella 2015-07-1810:07


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