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Retreat Talks at Insight Retreat Center

Jun 4-11: Gil Fronsdal & Nikki Mirghafori  
Insight Retreat Center
June 4, 2017 to June 11, 2017
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Intro to Resolve and Refuges and Precepts Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-0434:03
Resolved on Wisdom Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-0555:14
Resolved on Truth Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-0553:22
Instructions: Mindfulness of Body Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-0647:22
Instructions: Mindfulness of Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-0747:19
Resolved on Relinquishment Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-0751:47
Instructions: Mindfulness of Thinking Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-0846:27
Resolved on Peace Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-0854:08
Instruction: How we are mindful Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-0947:54
Resolved on Generosity Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-0954:35
Instruction: Mindfulness of Stillness Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-1040:59
A Life Based on Resolve Gil Fronsdal 2017-06-1059:15
Going Home Advice Nikki Mirghafori 2017-06-1014:32

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