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Retreat Talks at Insight Retreat Center

Apr 24-30: Andrea Fella, Greg Scharf  
Insight Retreat Center
April 24, 2016 to April 30, 2016
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Retreat Opening: Paramis and Refuges Andrea Fella 2016-04-2348:09
Morning Instructions Day 1: Relaxed Attention to Breath Andrea Fella 2016-04-2429:53
Generosity: The Practice of Freedom Greg Scharf 2016-04-2454:15
Morning Instructions Day 2: Relaxed Attention to Breath Greg Scharf 2016-04-2515:01
Wise use of Energy Andrea Fella 2016-04-2558:33
Morning Instructions Day 3: Body Sensations Andrea Fella 2016-04-2618:11
Evening Reflections on Continuity Andrea Fella 2016-04-2611:02
The Buddha's Teaching on Loving-kindness Greg Scharf 2016-04-2656:19
Morning Instruction Day 4: Emotions Greg Scharf 2016-04-2718:38
Wisdom: Impermanence, Unreliablity, Uncontrollability Andrea Castillo 2016-04-2762:00
Evening Reflections on the Nature of Delusion Greg Scharf 2016-04-2713:17
Morning Instructions Day 5: Aware of Thoughts Andrea Fella 2016-04-2827:27
Equanimity Greg Scharf 2016-04-2852:56
Evening Reflection: Where do we find trust? Andrea Fella 2016-04-2811:43
Morning Instruction Day 6 Greg Scharf 2016-04-2946:29
Practicing Awareness While Living Andrea Fella 2016-04-2960:31

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