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Retreat Talks at Insight Retreat Center

Feb 23-28, 2016: Gil Fronsdal, Ines Freedman  
Insight Retreat Center
February 23, 2016 to February 28, 2016
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Feb 23-28, 2016: Gil Fronsdal, Ines Freedman

Walking Practice Ines Freedman 2016-02-2410:13
Mindfulness of Breathing Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-2439:29
Abandoning Unskillful States Ines Freedman 2016-02-2439:24
Mindfulness of Body Instructions Ines Freedman 2016-02-2549:41
Cultivating Skillful States Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-2549:42
Preventing Unskillful States Ines Freedman 2016-02-2623:42
Mindfulness of Emtions Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-2639:41
Mindfulness of Thinking Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-2744:44
Maintaining Skillful States Gil Fronsdal 2016-02-2746:01

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