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Retreat Talks at Insight Retreat Center

Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2015: Andrea Fella & Alexis Santos  
Insight Retreat Center
November 28, 2015 to December 4, 2015
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Opening Instructions Andrea Fella 2015-11-2962:32
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2015-11-2922:33
Afternoon Reflections: Q&A with both Alexis and Andrea Alexis Santos 2015-11-2958:42
Evening Reflection: Wisdom, Allowing and Love Andrea Fella 2015-11-2910:40
Morning Instructions: Mindfulness Doesn't Take a lot of Energy Alexis Santos 2015-11-3040:17
Morning Q&A and Self Directed Practice Alexis Santos 2015-11-3014:00
Understanding and Abandoning Andrea Fella 2015-11-3061:23
Morning Instructions: Body and Mind Andrea Fella 2015-12-0132:01
Morining Q&A Andrea Fella 2015-12-0120:20
Cause and Effect Alexis Santos 2015-12-0159:03
Evening Reflection: Appreciating Beautiful Qualities Andrea Fella 2015-12-0114:21
Morning Instructions: How Clear is the Knowing? Alexis Santos 2015-12-0227:57
Morning Q&A Alexis Santos 2015-12-0217:08
Exploring the Comings and Goings of Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2015-12-0258:20
Evening Reflection: A Day Spent Wisely Alexis Santos 2015-12-0215:16
Morning Instructions: Simplicity and Trust Andrea Fella 2015-12-0320:32
Morning Reflections: Transitions Andrea Fella 2015-12-034:24
Afternoon Reflections Q&A with both Alexis and Andrea Alexis Santos 2015-12-0358:17
Taking the Practice Home: points about taking the practice home from both Alexis and Andrea Andrea Fella 2015-12-0340:38
Evening Reflections: Simply Continue Practicing Andrea Fella 2015-12-037:58

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